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52-2827 — - Pima Air Museum - Nov 2017
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52-2827 —


Pima Air Museum - Nov 2017


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Greg Byington
We both have pics in the same daily newsletter. Cool!
dan brite
James Driskell
Paul Wisgerhof
B-36 Peacemaker.
Alan Brown
The B-36 was built in Ft. Worth by Convair. It was originally designed to fly from the U.S. and bomb Berlin in the event that Britian fell during WW II. The jet engines were added later. It was "loveingly" known as 6 turning and 4 burning.
Greg Byington
The plant in Fort Worth is not the same where the F-16s are built, right?.
dedy hm
Amaysing plant
Luc Barbier
Oh yes, Convair B-36J Peacemaker 52-2827 !
Looking to the sand, may be the one from the Pima Air & Space Museum - Tuscon - Arizona (USA)
Not so many other planes with "Propelling propellers" (hélice propulsive) has been produced ?? Except several experimental planes.

who knows the reason for choosing this structure for this Convair ?
Don Lawton
Nice scene of a B-36 in Jimmy Stewart's 'Strategic Air Command'

"six turning and four burning"
I grew up near Westover AFB (KCEF), very active SAC base in early, mid '50's. B-36, B-52, and KC-135's. They only flew the B-36 at night. ??
I guess they ordered and paid for them, they had to fly them.
Scott Paul
@Luc Barbier - solid article in Wikipedia on history and considerations behind the "pusher" configuration used most spectacularly by Convair's B-36 - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pusher_configuration
Arnold Hauswald
aka "The Aluminum Cloud". Yes, it is that big. Great knowing Pima has it in good hands.
Pablo Rogina
> Not so many other planes with "Propelling propellers" (hélice propulsive) has been produced ??
I can think of Beechcraft Starship and Piaggio Avanti
Martin Coddington
The B-36 was a graceful thing to see in the sky, but yes, they mostly flew at night. There were many unusual things about this aircraft but to me the most unusual was it's sound. It is difficult to explain but once you heard one, you never forgot it.
>I can think of Beechcraft Starship and Piaggio Avanti<

...and the aft engine of the Cessna 336 Skymaster.
Ronald D Carter
Having grown up in Wichita, I saw many great planes overhead - one B-29 going over and once a B-36. We saw B-47s and B-52s fresh out of the factory with hand painted numbers on their tails taking maiden test flights.
John Turanin
The public can enjoy the experience of boarding an RB-36 (Recon version) twice a year at Castle (AFB) Air Museum in CA (https://www.castleairmuseum.org). They have open cockpit days on Memorial and Labor Days, and you can climb into the forward compartments (Navigator/Radar, Radio room, Flight deck). It's pretty special. Highly recommended. Normal crew numbered 13, but the RB-36 had 2x that to support a large photo studio compartment behind the radio room in place of the forward bomb bay.
Lucius Gravely
My late father-in-law flew these out of Walker Air Force Base in Arizona. He talked for hours about these planes. He was there when Jimmy Stewart visited the base and rode with them for a check-out ride. He said it would out-turn a jet fighter. Long missions were the norm (13 hours) and they once had to do one without autopilot!
Check out "6 turning and 4 burning". It's a short film about B-36's out of Walker.
Can someone identify this plane?
Carl Staib
Martin Coddington...Your comment on the sound. In my opinion, you are right on. I'm 80 now but as a kid, the two things I remember most about the B-36 was the pushers and the SOUND. Of all planes, I've ever heard it was one sound you'd never forget. Good comment on your part.
Gary Schenauer
Looks like the North American Trojan.

Follow this link, CBuck

Love this old bird. I used to crawl around inside her when she was on display at Fort Worths "Amon Carter field", back in the 60's. Visited her on the West side of the runway at the plant where she was built in the next decade. Then spent some serious volunteer time & cash trying to get a "proper" museum in Fort Worth to display her (and other historical products of Consolidated, Vaultee, >Convair et al) over the nest two dacades. Still have the shirt to prove it...

So glad to see Pima doing such a good job!!!
Great photo !!!
David Seider
168 cylinders, 336 valves, 4,363 in^3 per engine, 28,500 hp total!
Pratt & Whitney R-4360 Wasp Major
Could you imagine having the job of setting the timing or the valves on one of these?!! Yikes!
the worlds mst powerful engine was a russian engine used on the TU-95 Bear.
it was about 33,000 horsepower.
You could hear one coming twenty minutes before you could see it
George Hartzheim
I agree with Martin, the big bird made an unusual sound. I worked on and flew in these planes in the early 1950's and we flew them as much in the daytime as at night. It was quite an engineering feat to get that big thing airborne.
Spent the first 8 years of my life in Ft Worth, TX. Dad worked for Convair and B-36's flew over our house frequently, always rattling the windows. I got a tour of a B-36 that had been moved to, I believe, Love field, between Ft Worth and Dallas. I believe the a/c in the photo is the same one that was at Love field.
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