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Lockheed L-188 Electra (C-GXFC)
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Lockheed L-188 Electra (C-GXFC)



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Colin Seftel
Delivered in 1959 and still flying!
Nice. Plane and pic.
Ro Gal
Truly one of the epic legacy aircraft from LM! So many applications and uses from this airframe makes it almost timeless!
Frank Austin
Eventually it became a good airplane after they fixed the problem with the wings falling off due to vibration from the engines.
Ross Selvidge
As a child in the late 1950s, my family lived in North Hollywood under the usual departure path for BUR (Hollywood Burbank Airport) which we all called "Lockheed." The Electra had a departure sound and resonance from its turbo props (Jet Props!) like no other. Memories.
In 1969 I soloed at BUR and last year was President of the BUR Airport Commission. The airport is now owned jointly by the cities of Burbank, Glendale and Pasadena.
Larry Horton
Thank you! Just saw one on a movie shot in the early 60s and was at a loss as to what it was.
Seb Seb
Got to sit in the cockpit of a P3 at Willow Grove NAS when I was a kid. Been an Electra fan ever since.
serge LOTH
Nice Picture and this aircraft is a beast!! I guess the engines are the same that the Hercules..5*
Still remember this plane as I flew a Braniff Electra to Air Force Basic Training at what was then Lackland Air Force Base. Flying to USAF basic training was not a flight one forgets.
Ned Griffin
Flying on the Eastern Airlines Shuttle between New York and Boston in the 60s was interesting, especially when the stewardess rolled the cash register down the aisle to collect the fares in flight.
k skaas
Nice plane if you don’t
Amin’s your teeth rattling from the vibrations. Hope those still around have no live passengers,
William Johnson
Looks like this might have been one of Buffalo Airways Lockheed’s L-188 aircraft. Based in Yellowknife Northwest Territories Canada. They had a TV show called Ice Pilots NWT. Joe McBryan was President of the company. The TV show was showing the everyday operations of the company and how hard it was to operate in the very cold conditions in the NWT of Canada. They also operated the Canadair CL-215 Water bomber aka (Scooper). This was a great show to watch. Because they operated Vintage aircraft such as DC-3’s – Douglas C-54’s /DC-4 – Curtis Wright C-46 Commando – and a Canso PBY-5. All great aircraft of its time.
renato basso
Very nice. So many flighs between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo winth de VARIG flag. 5 Stars
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