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Don Fitzgerald
I never see one of these that I don't think of a group engineer I had from a number of years back. He was a tail gunner on B-25s and B-17s in WW II and made a career of the Air Force. He rose to the rank of Major and was both a bombardier and navigator on B-52s flying Arclight and Linebacker II missions. Jerry flew West in 2018 but will be remembered as a fine soldier and a fine man. Thanks for posting a great photo, Robert, always like to remember him.
Peter Quadagno
This is a G or H model where fire control sat up front instead of in the back by himself. He had his own station and TV. EWO still sat upstairs. Great photo; thank you for posting it.
tom mcdo
the mite of the United State of America!
bob reeves
Will Sutton
This is a B-52H, distinguished by its engines. H-models were the last built and the only models still flying today.
Will Sutton
H model, the only model still flying currently.
American muscle.
Robert KamińskiPhoto Uploader
Thank you all
Neil Klapthor
Love the BUFF. Had 3000 hours in the G model "fighting" the Cold War.
John Callicrate
I liked watching these in Guam 2013.
Wayne Parcell
I liked watching them at Biggs (sac) Air Base in 1958.
And someone thought they would never be needed after Chrome Dome... (: Chuckle :)
Chris Croft
Tail letters indicate this beauty is out of Barksdale AFB not Minot. Am I wrong?
Gary Schenauer
BD is Barksdale. You are 100% correct.

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