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David Malsher
Fantastic shot of fantastic planes
a mentor
according to http://aircraft-in-focus.com/vought-f4u-corsair/

FG-1D 67089 “Skyboss” / “Godspeed”

The paint scheme was an inaccurate pot-pourri of various elements that resembles no wartime Corsair. In 2017, the Corsair was sold to Ron Lauder, heir of the Estee Lauder fortune, and partially repainted in honor of astronaut John Glenn. The new paint job retains some elements of “Skyboss” but bears the tactical number “N51”, which was worn by an F4U-4 piloted by Glenn in the Marines, and inaccurate tribute features such as Glenn’s initials “JG” on the tail (never worn by any service aircraft)
Daniel Popovitch
Beautiful picture
alan mistrater
Little known is the fact that the Corsair was designed by the design team of Curtiss-Wright in Buffalo NY. Just before production commenced the entire project was transferred to the west coast, due to changing politics. At that time, C-W was the largest airplane manufacturer in the world.
alan mistrater - Rex Beisel, who led the Corsair's design team, accepted an Assistant Chief Engineer position with Chance Vought in 1931. Beisel had already departed from Curtiss-Wright prior to that year. The U.S. Navy's request for proposals and specifications to which the Corsair was designed originated in 1938. The first Corsair prototype, XF4U-1, BuNo 1443, made its maiden flight in 1940. Chance Vought was located in Connecticut at that time. During 1948 and 1949 Vought Aircraft entirely relocated from Stratford, Connecticut to Dallas, Texas!! :-)

Mark Loupe
"Whistling Death" according to the Japanese in the pacific theater.
a mentor
@Mark-- if you've ever been close to one in a power dive, yes they whistle

Also shows YAW instability and wiggles profoundly due to the insufficient Vert. Stab

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