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Lockheed T-33 Shooting Star (N133HH)


Planes of Fame Airshow Chino CA


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ken kemper
Splendid shot Todd...........
Dave Sheehy
Well done Todd! 5*
Robert Wolff
Love it!
Todd RoyerPhoto Uploader
Thank you all
Art Troutman
Had a hand in designing the T-Bird - back in the '50's Technically, it's a stretched and modified P/F-80 Shooting Star. The T-33 was named the Thunderbird - not Shooting Star. That was the name of its parent - the P/F-80.
James Tappan
Most exciting flight in my Air Force ROTC experience at Cal Berkeley with pilot and instructor Capt. Norman J. Deback
James Tappan
The most exciting experience in my AF ROTC training at Cal Berkeley was a flight with my instructor, Capt. Norman J. Deback.
I also had the thrill of flying back seat in the T-33 during ROTC at U of Puget Sound in 1959. Flew out of McCord AFB down to Portland and tightly circled Mount St. Helens (years before it blew its top off). Got a little stick time, great memory.
Chas DeVine
Nice shot. We has a sqdrn of T-33's behind our B 25's on the ramp at AAFB in the early '50's.
We all knew for certain 'suck-burn-blow' would never be an enduring propulsion concept!
Iain Robertson
The beautiful subject aircraft, a Canadair CT-133 'Silver Star', c/n 133452, was built in 1954 for the RCAF at Canadair's Cartierville, Quebec plant. The aircraft is powered by a Rolls Royce Nene 10 centrifugal compressor turbo-jet engine.
serge LOTH
Extra shot!!! how did you did it? I flew on that ,very nice looking plane.;;good endurance..
Christian Parada
Are those fuel tanks at the wing tips?
One of the sweetest flying trainers I ever flew (120 + hrs) during my pilot training at Williams A.F.B. the final trainer before getting Wings and Commission.
Yes those tip tanks were full of fuel at takeoff.
"Gentlemen..........You have a RACE"
jesse kyzer
1954 CANADAIR LTD CT-33 Silver Star
SUPER THANK YOU! to everyone who help keep these Ol birds flying. Nice
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Date Avion Provenance Destination Départ Arrivée Durée
21-09-2020 UnknownPatuxent River ()Patuxent River () 14h27 EDT 15h26 EDT 0:59
21-09-2020 UnknownPatuxent River ()Patuxent River () 11h25 EDT 12h25 EDT 1:00
21-09-2020 UnknownPatuxent River ()Patuxent River () 08h43 EDT 09h41 EDT 0:57
18-09-2020 UnknownPatuxent River ()Patuxent River () 15h45 EDT 16h44 EDT 0:58
18-09-2020 UnknownPatuxent River ()Patuxent River () 12h30 EDT 13h31 EDT 1:00
18-09-2020 UnknownPatuxent River ()Patuxent River () 10h20 EDT 11h15 EDT 0:55
17-09-2020 UnknownPatuxent River ()Patuxent River () 11h24 EDT 12h21 EDT 0:57
16-09-2020 UnknownPatuxent River ()Patuxent River () 15h32 EDT 16h25 EDT 0:52
16-09-2020 UnknownPatuxent River ()Patuxent River () 11h08 EDT 12h06 EDT 0:57
16-09-2020 UnknownPatuxent River ()Patuxent River () 08h50 EDT 09h51 EDT 1:01
15-09-2020 UnknownPatuxent River ()Patuxent River () 15h19 EDT 16h19 EDT 0:59
15-09-2020 UnknownPatuxent River ()Patuxent River () 13h13 EDT 13h26 EDT 0:12
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