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Bombardier “deliberately misleading” in price dumping case, says Boeing

Boeing minced no words in its closing brief to the US International Trade Commission in its price dumping complaint against Bombardier. “Bombardier’s intentional obfuscation simply proves that Bombardier has no credible answer to [the] allegations,” Boeing’s lawyers wrote in the second sentence. ( Plus d'info...

Incident: Westjet B737 near Grand Forks on May 19th 2017, odour in cabin

A Westjet Boeing 737-700, registration C-GSWJ performing flight WS-1578 from Calgary,AB (Canada) to Chicago O'Hare,IL (USA), was enroute at FL370 about 100nm south of Grand Forks,ND (USA) when a strong electrical odour developed in the cabin prompting the crew to divert to Grand Forks ( Plus d'info...

Royal Jordanian – The Little Middle East Airline That’s Aiming High. Appoints Aviation Heavyweight as New CEO

It only flies to 54 destinations in 33 countries with a fleet of just 26 aircraft but Royal Jordanian Airlines is aiming high with a new CEO appointment. ( Plus d'info...