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Unruly Passenger Forces United Airlines Flight To Make unscheduled stop at SFO

An United Airlines flight from China to Newark was forced to make an unscheduled stop at San Francisco International Airport after the flight crew became exhausted from delays caused by an unruly passenger while the plane was boarding in Shanghai... ( Plus d'info...

Emirates Opens Up a Slew of New A380 Routes – Beijing, Shanghai and Birmingham Get Upgraded

Good news Birmingham, Beijing and Shanghai – you’re about to enjoy the Emirates’ flagship aircraft on all services to and from Dubai. That’s what we found out Monday when the Dubai-based airline announced the three destinations would go all A380 – replacing the current Boeing 777-300 aircraft used on these services. ( Plus d'info...

First 737MAX Delivery.

The first revenue flight ever of the 737MAX family took place today with 9M-LRC, a MAX 8. ( Plus d'info...