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Emirates receives 80th Airbus A380

A6-EUB is the 80th Emirates A380. The aircraft will be used to fly between Dubai (DXB) and Vienna on the 1st of July. ( Plus d'info...

Congo's ECAIR secures $35mn loan from regional bank

ECAIR - Equatorial Congo Airlines (LC, Brazzaville) has secured a XAF20 billion (USD34.6 million) loan from the Development Bank of Central African States (BDEAC) to be put towards the airline's fleet renewal and network expansion strategy. ( Plus d'info...

A First Look at The Museum of Flight’s New Aviation Pavilion

For the first time, the Museum’s collection of large commercial aircraft can be seen in one place, under one roof. The airliner exhibit today includes the world’s only presentation of the first Boeing 737 and 747, a Douglas DC-2, the only Concorde on the West Coast, and one of the prototypes of the 787 Dreamliner. ( Plus d'info...


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