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Boeing 767-300 (N534LA)


763 LATAM CARGO AMS-BSL 33 000 ft le 23 avril 2018 vertical Vendée


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Tony Erni
Did you take this photo?
borntofly85Photo Uploader
of course I take it at 9 pm today in France
Tony Erni
Wow great photo and if I may ask,what type of lens did you use.
borntofly85Photo Uploader
Telecope Orion Sky Quest 10'' 1200mm + barlow x2 + Canon 5D mark III
Chris Collinsworth
France has that much light left at 9pm? ugh not fair. lol
This shot of an airplane flying by the moon should have won "Photo Of The Day", in every country of the world. Excellent work!!!!
Chris Collinsworth
Greg Byington
Very, very nice!
Ché Stuart
WHAT A SHOT! Amazing man, great job!
Alex Georgescu
Super !
Good Job Bro Briliant
Jay Moore
Terrific!! 100 stars!
Pierre Cantin
Absolument fantastique ! De quoi rendre jaloux une multitude de photographes. Bravo !
Pierre Cantin
Absolument fantastique.
Pierre Cantin
Absolument extraordinaire ! De quoi rendre jaloux pas mal de pros !
carlos garcia
Fantastic photo.Nice picture.
Sunil Kurian
Wow! Nice shot.
michel charron
Formidable photo!Félicitations.
borntofly85Photo Uploader
merci à tous pour vos commentaires :)
How could anyone rate this at any less than 5 stars? Great shot!
marylou anderson
marylou anderson
Just breath taking--I'm turning green right now!
Chuck Chamberlin
Was this shot anticipated? Or were you very very lucky? Either way it is a great shot. You have some good equipment. I'm envious. Thanks for sharing.
Andrea Gentilini
Fly me to the moon .......
Cynthia Hintz
Javier Mañana
I'm sorry, it's just montage of photographs.
The plane has several point light reflections on the fuselage; Where does light come from?
The right wing of the plane produces shadow backwards in the fuselage; another plane in front?
The winglet of the left wing has a red line in parallel demonstrating the error in the edition.
borntofly85, the Canon 5D MK III must have recorded an excellent RAW file, can you share it?
Apologies again ...
Isaac Vogelzang
Good points Javier, but I am curious if the sun was up at the time of the photo, if not then yes, this is a photoshopped montage of aircraft and a moon.
Isaac Vogelzang
But then again, many of borntofly85's photos feature high-up aircraft, so this shot could be real and a really well-timed and lucky shot.
Super photo ! Beaucoup de talents ou/et très chanceux, en tout cas le résultat est là...
borntofly85Photo Uploader
Javier Mañana, no fake, look my new post about this picture :)
Peter West
Very good photoshop compilation, pixelisation gives the game away! Fun though!
Jim Costello
Report a near miss and proceed to make an emergency landing in the sea of tranquility.
Daniel Stein
What depth of field! Amazing! Or else a composite, as noted.
Who says you cant fly to the moon?
This is a photo arrangement I've been trying to get for months. You have some great skill with the camera, and either a lot of patience, or incredible luck. I'm guessing the former.
Candace Sherchan
Amazing picture! Thanks for posting it.
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Date Avion Provenance Destination Départ Arrivée Durée
24-08-2019 B763Amsterdam-Schiphol ()Int'l de Madrid-Barajas () 16h08 CEST 18h22 CEST 2:13
23-08-2019 B763Int'l de Miami ()Amsterdam-Schiphol () 22h06 EDT 12h35 CEST (+1) 8:29
23-08-2019 B763Int'l El Dorado ()Int'l de Miami () 13h28 -05 17h46 EDT 3:18
23-08-2019 B763Int'l de Viracopos/Campinas ()Int'l Silvio Pettirossi () 05h59 -03 06h50 -04 1:50
22-08-2019 B763Int'l de Miami ()Int'l de Viracopos/Campinas () 19h41 EDT 04h35 -03 (+1) 7:54
22-08-2019 B763Int'l El Dorado ()Int'l de Miami () 08h03 -05 12h26 EDT 3:22
22-08-2019 B763Int'l de Viracopos/Campinas ()Guarani Int'l () 00h21 -03 00h48 -04 1:27
21-08-2019 B763Int'l de Miami ()Int'l de Viracopos/Campinas () 14h04 EDT 23h04 -03 8:00
20-08-2019 B763Jose Maria Cordova Int'l ()Int'l de Miami () 21h41 -05 01h39 EDT (+1) 2:57
20-08-2019 B763Int'l de Viracopos/Campinas ()Int'l Silvio Pettirossi () 07h59 -03 08h50 -04 1:50
19-08-2019 B763Int'l de Miami ()Int'l de Viracopos/Campinas () 21h47 EDT 06h49 -03 (+1) 8:02
19-08-2019 B763Int'l Arturo Merino Benítez ()Int'l de Miami () 19h04 -04 19h35 EDT 0:31
18-08-2019 B763Int'l de Carrasco ()Int'l Arturo Merino Benítez () 14h00 -03 15h25 -04 2:25
18-08-2019 B763Int'l de Miami ()Int'l de Carrasco () 03h19 EDT 12h44 -03 8:25
15-08-2019 B763Int'l Juan Santamaría de San José ()Int'l de Miami () 19h17 CST 23h51 EDT 2:33
15-08-2019 B763Int'l La Aurora ()Int'l Juan Santamaría de San José () 16h35 CST 17h49 CST 1:13
15-08-2019 B763Int'l de Miami ()Int'l La Aurora () 14h31 EDT 14h34 CST 2:03
14-08-2019 B763Int'l El Dorado ()Int'l de Miami () 20h34 -05 00h57 EDT (+1) 3:23
14-08-2019 B763Int'l de Rio de Janeiro-Galeão ()Int'l de Viracopos/Campinas () 12h58 -03 13h53 -03 0:55
14-08-2019 B763Int'l de Miami ()Int'l de Rio de Janeiro-Galeão () 02h29 EDT 11h46 -03 8:17
13-08-2019 B763Mariscal Sucre Int'l ()Int'l de Miami () 15h46 -05 21h02 EDT 4:16
13-08-2019 B763Int'l Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek ()Int'l de Viracopos/Campinas () 07h51 -03 09h06 -03 1:15
13-08-2019 B77LInt'l de Guarulhos ()Int'l Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek () 04h00 -03 06h32 -03 2:32
13-08-2019 B77LInt'l de Guarulhos ()Int'l Ezeiza () 04h00 -03 Dérouté
12-08-2019 B763Int'l de Miami ()Amsterdam-Schiphol () 05h44 EDT 20h04 CEST 8:19
11-08-2019 B763Int'l Arturo Merino Benítez ()Int'l de Miami () 14h04 -04 22h17 EDT 8:12
11-08-2019 B763Int'l de Guarulhos ()Int'l Arturo Merino Benítez () 06h59 -03 10h03 -04 4:04
11-08-2019 B763Amilcar Cabral Int'l ()Int'l de Guarulhos () 00h08 -01 04h18 -03 6:10
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