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Boeing 747-400 (VP-BCI)



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Gary Schenauer
This is an ultra-superior photo. (To truly appreciate the superb quality and scene depiction of this snap, I recommend viewing it at FULL size.) An astounding shot! Check out how wonderfully the wing is reflected. And IF there was ANY editing done, then it is so subtle that it is undetectable! Not a hint of halo around the aircraft (halo is the most common, and obvious, indicator that a pic has been overedited), the colors are 1000% "true" to reality, and the clarity is totally pure. The shadows indicate the photog would have had to deal with brightly lit and contrastingly dark lighting conditions, and no one could have shot this scene better than this. Peter, this is a calendar shot, a poster pic, and a 20 * photograph!
Peter Maassen Photo Uploader
Poeh, poeh, what a nice comment on my picture! Thanks Gary. It also has to do with being on the right place at the best moment. Sun exactly on the nose etc. Info on picture: 5D-MrkII-f8-1/2000sec-310mm. The picture was a cut-out. Thats why I like full-frame, to keep good quality on the part you need even when it is a quarter of the picture.
James Ogunbamowo
It is beautiful and mighty B747. But you need to show the side wings and the tail part of the aeroplane to complement the good work of ultra-superior photo. I recommend viewing it at full size. Thanks
Peter Maassen Photo Uploader
Thanks for your reaction. Advice you to look for the two other pictures of the VP-BCI.
A.Levent Bekdik
Great shot, thank you very much sharing my mighty Gentle Giant. And also thanks to Gary Schenauer for his perfect comment, my English is not good enough to describe how wonderful this picture is.
Roy Hunte
Greg Byington
Nice shot, Peter!
Rafael Cohen
Me encantan ver fotos de aviones grandes eimpresionantes.
john manoulian
This comment is Gary Schenauer and Peter Maassen. It seems to me that you both think highly of the Boeing 474.I also see that you both are Photography buffs. My two Sons are into photography , my oldest had a brief semi-pro career in it. Now back to my comment. We live in Dearborn, Michigan, we are near Detroit Metro Airport, more specific ,we are in the flight path of incoming planes. We would babysit our Grandson ,Now 11 years old , And would watch the planes come in over our home. The most AWE inspiring sight was ,and still is ,the 747 JUMBO JET . We nick named the 747 , BIG , when one flew over we yelled out BIG. Our saying when we saw one was ( Low and Slow and Watch It Go ), It amazes me how that behemoth stays up in the air ,which looks like it's going so slow.We would drive out to the airport, to get even closer the the action.
I,We ,just wanted to let you both know that your pics are Beautiful to look at.

A Warm Thank You, Thank You, Thank You , Gentlemen .
John Manoulian Jr. ,John Manoulian III and John Manoulian IV
J. Walker
Beautiful picture! Are you sure it is a 400 model though? (small upper deck with few windows)
Michael Richardson
Actually, it is a 747-400 freighter.
Peter Maassen Photo Uploader
Many thanks John Manoulian (Jr. III and IV) for your warm reaction on this BIG, impressive and beautiful workhorse.
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Date Avion Provenance Destination Départ Arrivée Durée
23-05-2018 UnknownInt'l de Hong Kong ()Heydar Aliyev Int'l () 23h17 HKT 03h42 +04 (+1) 8:25
23-05-2018 UnknownPrès de BakuInt'l de Hong Kong () 09h09 +04 21h24 HKT 8:15
22-05-2018 UnknownMaastricht Aachen ()Heydar Aliyev Int'l () 22h53 CEST 05h17 +04 (+1) (?) 4:23
22-05-2018 UnknownInt'l Cheremetievo ()Int'l Cheremetievo () 12h04 MSK 13h17 MSK 1:12
20-05-2018 UnknownInt'l Cheremetievo ()Int'l Cheremetievo () 16h29 MSK 19h39 MSK 3:10
20-05-2018 UnknownPrès de Hong KongInt'l Cheremetievo () 11h03 HKT 15h40 MSK 9:37
20-05-2018 UnknownNovosibirsk Tolmachevo ()Int'l de Hong Kong () 01h36 +07 08h37 HKT 6:01
19-05-2018 UnknownMaastricht Aachen ()Novosibirsk Tolmachevo () 11h14 CEST 22h09 +07 5:54
19-05-2018 UnknownInt'l Cheremetievo ()Maastricht Aachen () 05h06 MSK 07h09 CEST 3:03
18-05-2018 UnknownInt'l Cheremetievo ()Int'l de Hong Kong () 05h10 MSK 19h13 HKT 9:03
18-05-2018 UnknownHeydar Aliyev Int'l ()Int'l Cheremetievo () 00h24 +04 02h10 MSK 2:46
17-05-2018 UnknownFrancfort-Hahn ()Maastricht Aachen () 10h12 CEST 10h46 CEST 0:34
15-05-2018 UnknownMaastricht Aachen ()Novosibirsk Tolmachevo () 11h43 CEST 22h47 +07 6:04
14-05-2018 UnknownMaastricht Aachen ()Heydar Aliyev Int'l () 08h34 CEST 14h59 +04 (?) 4:25
13-05-2018 UnknownInt'l Cheremetievo ()Maastricht Aachen () 19h05 MSK 21h01 CEST 2:55
13-05-2018 UnknownNovosibirsk Tolmachevo ()Int'l de Hong Kong () 00h19 +07 07h16 HKT 5:57
11-05-2018 UnknownMaastricht Aachen ()Novosibirsk Tolmachevo () 10h55 CEST 21h52 +07 5:56
10-05-2018 UnknownInt'l de Hong Kong ()Int'l Cheremetievo () 19h39 HKT 00h25 MSK (+1) 9:46
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