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McDonnell Douglas DC-10 (N368FE)


Landing on RWY 12R in 40 knot crosswinds.


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Jeff Comfort
Is this from Cargo Road? Awesome capture!
Yee Haa!
Jose Felipe
Wow! Hard landing
That's express right there
John McArthur
Load shift!
Donald Pungowiyi
Where is the center wheel that's in between the main landing gear
I think only the -30s and -40s had the center main gear
David Parry
Now, that's correct crosswind technique in action! - Some "Heavy" pilots just tend to land still holding drift and give the landing gear some serious abuse.
jack duffy
must have been an exiting ride for the pilot's!
Jesse Carroll
How many button holes where cut on this one? Great job!
Full left rudder to the bone! Great shot!
Elizabeth Hall
Awesome pic! Tough Landing
Jesse Carroll
Next time put air in ALL the tires!
Richard Beers
Crab landing - nice shot!
Clifford Green
Load musta shifted? That's what i'da told the FedEx boss Man!
Grant Finch
Wow, just wow.
Phil. Grou
pilot self control, well done!
john fusco
that why my vase broke..lol
kang liu
Greg Davis
DC-10-10 and above have center main gear.
Patrick Sullivan
The reason there is no signature middle landing gear is that was a feature on the later DC10 series 30 and series 40 aircraft only. N368FE is a DC-10-10F early model 10 series so will not have it. (my comment is to answer Doug Panguwiyi's question and correct Greg Davis slight misinfo). RWB2112 got it right.
Oh, my. Surprised he didn't lose a wingtip!
sam kuminecz
Fedex having a flashback to the incident in Narita?
Jim Newton
With the rudder deflection, must have been a difficult crab attempt.
You're presuming the runway, that may be the service road.
Wow! Amazing shot!
AWESOME DC10 love em back in there time they were the most advanced jet in thee era over the 747B
baldman man
Brennan Henderson
wow,they must have been tricky for the pilots.
John Giles
Excellent side slip crosswind landing technique!
Daniel Dunphy
Perfect Timing!
Pratik Suryawanshi
Awesome landing........
Mauro Rodríguez
Impresionante captura
paul gilpin
Evan Browne
Maxx Puterman
Wow, cannot believe that the MD-10 is still around!
gianni ciampa
Is that plane about to crash
gianni ciampa
was this plane about to crash
Isaac Vogelzang
No, Gianni. This was just a landing in a hard crosswind.
Brian Tyre
Wow! that's all I can comment..
Albert Argilaga Claramunt
is 40 knot a strong wind? sorry for my ignorance.
Andrew C
Looks... Fun
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Date Avion Provenance Destination Départ Arrivée Durée
18-10-2017 DC10Int'l O'Hare de Chicago ()Fort Worth Alliance () 23h14 CDT 00h59 CDT (+1) En vol
18-10-2017 DC10Int'l de Los Angeles ()Int'l O'Hare de Chicago () 11h30 PDT 16h55 CDT 3:25
18-10-2017 DC10Int'l O'Hare de Chicago ()Int'l de Los Angeles () 08h09 CDT 09h53 PDT 3:44
18-10-2017 DC10Fort Worth Alliance ()Int'l O'Hare de Chicago () 02h42 CDT 04h24 CDT 1:42
17-10-2017 DC10intercontinental George-Bush de Houston ()Fort Worth Alliance () 22h18 CDT 22h59 CDT 0:41
17-10-2017 DC10Int'l de Memphis ()intercontinental George-Bush de Houston () 15h43 CDT 16h52 CDT 1:09
17-10-2017 DC10Int'l Charlotte-Douglas ()Int'l de Memphis () 08h05 EDT 08h18 CDT 1:12
17-10-2017 DC10Int'l de Memphis ()Int'l Charlotte-Douglas () 03h59 CDT 06h12 EDT 1:13
16-10-2017 DC10Sacramento Intl ()Int'l de Memphis () 19h17 PDT 00h32 CDT (+1) 3:14
15-10-2017 DC10Int'l de Memphis ()Sacramento Intl () 15h40 CDT 17h30 PDT 3:50
15-10-2017 DC10Int'l de Kansas City ()Int'l de Memphis () 10h07 CDT 11h11 CDT 1:04
14-10-2017 DC10Int'l de Memphis ()Int'l de Kansas City () 16h26 CDT 17h39 CDT 1:12
14-10-2017 DC10Int'l Austin-Bergstrom ()Int'l de Memphis () 08h01 CDT 09h14 CDT 1:13
14-10-2017 DC10Int'l de Memphis ()Int'l Austin-Bergstrom () 03h55 CDT 05h11 CDT 1:16
13-10-2017 DC10Int'l de Minneapolis-Saint-Paul ()Int'l de Memphis () 21h40 CDT 23h18 CDT 1:37
13-10-2017 DC10Int'l de Memphis ()Int'l de Minneapolis-Saint-Paul () 16h34 CDT 18h08 CDT 1:34
13-10-2017 DC10Int'l Charlotte-Douglas ()Int'l de Memphis () 08h33 EDT 08h51 CDT 1:18
13-10-2017 DC10Int'l de Memphis ()Int'l Charlotte-Douglas () 03h48 CDT 06h00 EDT 1:12
12-10-2017 DC10Int'l de San Diego ()Int'l de Memphis () 19h36 PDT 00h33 CDT (+1) 2:56
12-10-2017 DC10Int'l de Memphis ()Int'l de San Diego () 16h11 CDT 17h30 PDT 3:18
12-10-2017 DC10Int'l Thurgood Marshall de Baltimore-Washington ()Int'l de Memphis () 08h43 EDT 09h35 CDT 1:51
12-10-2017 DC10Int'l de Memphis ()Int'l Thurgood Marshall de Baltimore-Washington () 03h41 CDT 06h20 EDT 1:39
11-10-2017 DC10Int'l Austin-Bergstrom ()Int'l de Memphis () 22h26 CDT 23h38 CDT 1:12
11-10-2017 DC10Int'l de Memphis ()Int'l Austin-Bergstrom () 16h48 CDT 18h09 CDT 1:21
10-10-2017 DC10Int'l de Minneapolis-Saint-Paul ()Int'l de Memphis () 21h33 CDT 23h15 CDT 1:41
10-10-2017 DC10Int'l de Memphis ()Int'l de Minneapolis-Saint-Paul () 15h41 CDT 17h11 CDT 1:30
10-10-2017 DC10Int'l de Dallas-Fort Worth ()Int'l de Memphis () 08h10 CDT 09h09 CDT 0:59
10-10-2017 DC10Int'l de Memphis ()Int'l de Dallas-Fort Worth () 02h56 CDT 04h02 CDT 1:06
09-10-2017 DC10Int'l Thurgood Marshall de Baltimore-Washington ()Int'l de Memphis () 22h24 EDT 23h15 CDT 1:51
08-10-2017 DC10Int'l de Memphis ()Int'l Thurgood Marshall de Baltimore-Washington () 16h03 CDT 18h39 EDT 1:36
07-10-2017 DC10Int'l Charlotte-Douglas ()Int'l de Memphis () 07h57 EDT 08h17 CDT 1:20
06-10-2017 DC10Int'l de Memphis ()Int'l Charlotte-Douglas () 15h47 CDT 17h55 EDT 1:08
06-10-2017 DC10intercontinental George-Bush de Houston ()Int'l de Memphis () 06h40 CDT 07h48 CDT 1:07
06-10-2017 DC10Fort Worth Alliance ()intercontinental George-Bush de Houston () 04h13 CDT 04h47 CDT 0:34
05-10-2017 DC10Int'l O'Hare de Chicago ()Fort Worth Alliance () 23h12 CDT 00h59 CDT (+1) 1:47
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