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Special Op's. Infill/Exfill?
Alan Brown
Fighter take-off for a chopper?
Magic24Photo Uploader
Coming in Hot to the Spot (Landing)!
From the looks of things, they are practicing an autorotation landing. We practiced them quite often when I was in and a crew chief on Phrogs. Good shot.
Don Lynch
Looks to me like someone enjoying their job.
roland pfeifer
U.S. Mariens. First in, Last out.
Karl Foose
I thought engines were side-by-side, not tandem... Or are there more than 2 engines on this one?
Scot Wattawa

There are three engines this bird. You are correct that there is another opposite to the outside engine.
Saw one of these (well, the aftermath) 'hot' landings in person not too long ago. CH-47 hit hard enough to collapse both rear LG, the aft rotor hit the ground and sent high energy debris everywhere. We found one piece over half a mile away...and it had severed a 2-inch thick limb off a tree that far away!

Great photo!
Don, flying in helos is fun. I had a good time while flying. Practicing external lifts was always a treat as we did them at mat 5 at Pendleton and I had a great view through the bottom of the bird to see the naked women who snuck around the fence onto the beach on the base. ;)

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