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Canadair Challenger (N856JM)


Shown here a moment from landing is this Canadair Challenger 600 in the Winter of 2016.


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warmwyndsPhoto Uploader
Since the rating system is up to the individual let me show you a 5 star excellent according to my standards. Your looking at it. MUST be in the air! MUST show the entire N Number, in focus and an overall nice shot of the plane. No weird angles where you miss out on the features of the aircraft. If you get the pilot to look and smile and it is a 10 "Most Excellent". So clear skies everyone and start voting!
Even when it's out of focus and heat hazed a a but over expose?
Mark See
Why would it have to be in the air? There are plenty of great photos of planes on the ground.
sam kuminecz
You don't need reg visible, dosent have to be in the air, it can be wierd angles...aviation photography is art to some... You can do anything you want!!!! Up to the photographer not "views" or "votes"
jim gevay
No, no, no, you guys have it all wrong. The only photos that deserve an excellent score are ones that have some red on the plane, a 3 in the "N" number and are uploaded on Tuesdays, Thursdays and every other Saturday, after 2pm.
Gary Schenauer
Jim ... Rotflmfho! ;-)
warmwyndsPhoto Uploader
It's an Airplane. The key here to the whole ballgame is the word AIR. Planes belong in the air. Wilbur & Orville didn't design a groundplane. Half of the word Flightaware is Flight. Not Ground. Any chance of a 5 the plane must be in the air but that my opinion.
Everything else can go in an airplane art gallery. It's just a shame that Flightaware does not want to get involved with definition of the ratings. Anyway that photo is a 5 and nothing less and the owners would probably agree.
So this is a crap photo to you then? Even though it's on the ground, it still got on one of the best AvPhotography sites in the world (my photo btw)
Mark See
Let me start off by saying that Jim is dead on lol

Second, the Wright Brother's DID design an airplane, but the flight was short lived and it became a groundplane very quickly lol

Third and final lol for this comment, this is an aviation art gallery

I do understand where you are coming from (a little) but I DO strongly disagree with the idea that they have to be in the air.
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