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Airbus A319 (N702UW)


Afternoon dive at Maho Beach


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ken kemper
A most creative shot............
HAKLS Photo Uploader
@Ken thank you!
Gary Schenauer
Normally, I don't bother commenting to photogs who are so talented that they certainly already know their snaps are superb works, but this particular shot is so astoundingly fantastic that I absolutely MUST acknowledge it. Extraordinary!! And since I am here, I'll take this opportunity to tell you that it is always an exciting pleasure to view the new pics you post, HAKLS. I and a group of friends from CA actually look forward to seeing what you will post next. I can honestly say that going back thru your folder fairly often to re-view your fabulous photos never gets old. You and a handful of other photogs have folders that are dazzling to look over time and time again. Speaking not only for myself but also on behalf of some others who do not actively participate on FA and thus cannot comment here, Thank You very, very much for sharing your ultra-fantastic pictures. Tremendous photography! Best Always ....
Pierre Cantin
Une bonne dose d'humour : bel alliage de l'eau et de l'air !
Est-ce un egoportrait ? A selfie ?
Magnifique. cadrage.
Guy Genbrugge
We've been there 2 years ago at the same spot,looking at a KLM-Boeing 747landing.Each hair on my body came upwards.
Cool selfie!
marylou anderson
wow. How creative! LOVE IT!
Greg Byington
Well done!
Andy Power
Nice! That's 1st of the type I've seen. Great job
HAKLS Photo Uploader
@Gary Schenauer Thank you very much for the kind and encouraging words! It really means a lot. Other websites often reject great photos, but comments, like yours, make our photos worth sharing here.
HAKLS Photo Uploader
@Pierre Cantin Merci! Oui, c'est un selfie. :)
HAKLS Photo Uploader
@nycslc1 @marylou anderson @Greg Byington @Andy Power Thank you very much, glad you like it! :)
WOW! that looks so cool!
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Date Avion Provenance Destination Départ Arrivée Durée
25-09-2017 A319Int'l Charlotte-Douglas ()Int'l de Pittsburgh () 20h30 EDT 21h34 EDT Prévue
25-09-2017 A319Int'l de Cleveland-Hopkins ()Int'l Charlotte-Douglas () 17h53 EDT 19h13 EDT Prévue
25-09-2017 A319Int'l Charlotte-Douglas ()Int'l de Cleveland-Hopkins () 15h09 EDT 16h24 EDT Prévue
25-09-2017 A319Int'l de Pittsburgh ()Int'l Charlotte-Douglas () 12h24 EDT 13h33 EDT Prévue
25-09-2017 A319Int'l Charlotte-Douglas ()Int'l de Pittsburgh () 10h00 EDT 10h54 EDT Prévue
25-09-2017 A319Int'l de Lambert-Saint Louis ()Int'l Charlotte-Douglas () 06h04 CDT 08h26 EDT Prévue
24-09-2017 A319Int'l Charlotte-Douglas ()Int'l de Lambert-Saint Louis () 20h05 EDT 20h36 CDT Prévue
24-09-2017 A319Myrtle Beach Intl ()Int'l Charlotte-Douglas () 17h50 EDT 18h40 EDT Prévue
24-09-2017 A319Int'l Charlotte-Douglas ()Myrtle Beach Intl () 16h09 EDT 16h47 EDT Prévue
24-09-2017 A319Int'l Newark Liberty ()Int'l Charlotte-Douglas () 13h25 EDT 14h57 EDT Prévue
24-09-2017 A319Int'l Charlotte-Douglas ()Int'l Newark Liberty () 10h08 EDT 11h19 EDT En vol
24-09-2017 A319Int'l de Lambert-Saint Louis ()Int'l Charlotte-Douglas () 06h27 CDT 08h52 EDT 1:24
23-09-2017 A319Int'l Charlotte-Douglas ()Int'l de Lambert-Saint Louis () 16h47 EDT 17h07 CDT 1:20
23-09-2017 A319Int'l José Martí ()Int'l Charlotte-Douglas () 12h07 CDT 13h57 EDT 1:50
23-09-2017 A319Int'l Charlotte-Douglas ()Int'l José Martí () 08h51 EDT 10h51 CDT 1:59
22-09-2017 A319Int'l de Kansas City ()Int'l Charlotte-Douglas () 18h28 CDT 21h20 EDT 1:52
22-09-2017 A319Int'l Charlotte-Douglas ()Int'l de Kansas City () 16h28 EDT 17h15 CDT 1:47
22-09-2017 A319Int'l d'Indianapolis ()Int'l Charlotte-Douglas () 13h48 EDT 15h00 EDT 1:12
22-09-2017 A319Int'l Charlotte-Douglas ()Int'l d'Indianapolis () 11h35 EDT 12h38 EDT 1:02
22-09-2017 A319Jacksonville Intl ()Int'l Charlotte-Douglas () 09h24 EDT 10h18 EDT 0:54
21-09-2017 A319Int'l Charlotte-Douglas ()Jacksonville Intl () 22h37 EDT 23h29 EDT 0:51
21-09-2017 A319Albany Intl ()Int'l Charlotte-Douglas () 19h14 EDT 20h49 EDT 1:35
21-09-2017 A319Int'l Charlotte-Douglas ()Albany Intl () 16h51 EDT 18h26 EDT 1:34
21-09-2017 A319national Ronald Reagan ()Int'l Charlotte-Douglas () 14h11 EDT 15h04 EDT 0:52
21-09-2017 A319Int'l d'Orlando ()national Ronald Reagan () 10h59 EDT 12h40 EDT 1:41
21-09-2017 A319national Ronald Reagan ()Int'l d'Orlando () 07h48 EDT 09h39 EDT 1:51
20-09-2017 A319Int'l de Tampa ()national Ronald Reagan () 19h00 EDT 20h46 EDT 1:46
20-09-2017 A319Int'l de Philadelphie ()Int'l de Tampa () 15h41 EDT 17h53 EDT 2:12
20-09-2017 A319Int'l Logan ()Int'l de Philadelphie () 12h39 EDT 13h34 EDT 0:55
20-09-2017 A319Int'l de Philadelphie ()Int'l Logan () 09h36 EDT 10h29 EDT 0:52
19-09-2017 A319Int'l de Lambert-Saint Louis ()Int'l de Philadelphie () 16h13 CDT 19h14 EDT 2:01
19-09-2017 A319Int'l de Philadelphie ()Int'l de Lambert-Saint Louis () 13h36 EDT 14h30 CDT 1:54
19-09-2017 A319Int'l Hartsfield-Jackson d'Atlanta ()Int'l de Philadelphie () 10h41 EDT 12h23 EDT 1:42
19-09-2017 A319Int'l Charlotte-Douglas ()Int'l Hartsfield-Jackson d'Atlanta () 08h21 EDT 09h01 EDT 0:39
19-09-2017 A319Int'l Logan ()Int'l Charlotte-Douglas () 05h10 EDT 06h55 EDT Annulé
19-09-2017 A319Int'l de Philadelphie ()Int'l Charlotte-Douglas () 01h35 EDT 02h41 EDT 1:06
18-09-2017 A319Int'l de Philadelphie ()Int'l Logan () 21h29 EDT 20h23 EDT (?) n/a
18-09-2017 A319Int'l de Lambert-Saint Louis ()Int'l de Philadelphie () 16h13 CDT 19h02 EDT 1:49
18-09-2017 A319Int'l de Philadelphie ()Int'l de Lambert-Saint Louis () 13h33 EDT 14h32 CDT 1:59
18-09-2017 A319Int'l Hartsfield-Jackson d'Atlanta ()Int'l de Philadelphie () 10h24 EDT 12h00 EDT 1:36
18-09-2017 A319Int'l Charlotte-Douglas ()Int'l Hartsfield-Jackson d'Atlanta () 08h18 EDT 08h57 EDT 0:38
18-09-2017 A319Int'l de Pittsburgh ()Int'l Charlotte-Douglas () 05h37 EDT 06h40 EDT 1:03
17-09-2017 A319Int'l Charlotte-Douglas ()Int'l de Pittsburgh () 22h21 EDT 23h14 EDT 0:53
17-09-2017 A319Int'l de Memphis ()Int'l Charlotte-Douglas () 18h12 CDT 20h28 EDT 1:16
17-09-2017 A319Int'l Charlotte-Douglas ()Int'l de Memphis () 17h00 EDT 17h16 CDT 1:16
17-09-2017 A319Wilmington Intl ()Int'l Charlotte-Douglas () 14h58 EDT 15h37 EDT 0:38
17-09-2017 A319Int'l Charlotte-Douglas ()Wilmington Intl () 13h18 EDT 13h52 EDT 0:33
17-09-2017 A319Int'l de Philadelphie ()Int'l Charlotte-Douglas () 10h39 EDT 11h54 EDT 1:15
16-09-2017 A319Int'l d'Orlando ()Int'l de Philadelphie () 14h11 EDT 16h06 EDT 1:55
16-09-2017 A319Int'l de Philadelphie ()Int'l d'Orlando () 10h50 EDT 12h52 EDT 2:01
15-09-2017 A319Int'l de Minneapolis-Saint-Paul ()Int'l de Philadelphie () 13h55 CDT 17h14 EDT 2:18
15-09-2017 A319Int'l de Philadelphie ()Int'l de Minneapolis-Saint-Paul () 11h16 EDT 12h34 CDT 2:17
15-09-2017 A319Int'l de Minneapolis-Saint-Paul ()Int'l de Philadelphie () 06h25 CDT 09h30 EDT 2:05
14-09-2017 A319Int'l de Philadelphie ()Int'l de Minneapolis-Saint-Paul () 19h29 EDT 20h48 CDT 2:18
14-09-2017 A319Southwest Florida Intl ()Int'l de Philadelphie () 15h34 EDT 17h42 EDT 2:08
14-09-2017 A319Int'l de Philadelphie ()Southwest Florida Intl () 11h04 EDT 14h03 EDT 2:59
14-09-2017 A319Int'l de Raleigh-Durham ()Int'l de Philadelphie () 08h11 EDT 09h09 EDT 0:57
13-09-2017 A319Int'l de Philadelphie ()Int'l de Raleigh-Durham () 18h17 EDT 19h13 EDT 0:56
13-09-2017 A319Int'l de Kansas City ()Int'l de Philadelphie () 13h26 CDT 16h48 EDT 2:22
13-09-2017 A319Int'l de Philadelphie ()Int'l de Kansas City () 11h11 EDT 12h30 CDT 2:18
10-09-2017 A319San Antonio Intl ()Int'l Charlotte-Douglas () 08h59 CDT 12h13 EDT 2:14
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