Automated Flight Alerts From FlightAware Released For Public Beta

lundi, 13 novembre 2006 23h00
Last updated 10 years ago.
FlightAware has released flight alerts into public beta. Now, you can receive automated tracking notifications from FlightAware via e-mail or instant message (IM).

To get started, simply click "alert me" on any flight page (at the top of the tracking box) or visit to manage your alerts.

Currently, the only instant messenger supported is Jabber IM although but we'll release AIM/AOL IM later in November. Additionally, expect to see other improvements such as the ability to request a notification [x] minutes prior to arrival.

You must be a registered member and logged in to use flight alerts. If you aren't already registered, join now -- it's free and easy.

Thanks for using FlightAware, enjoy the new feature, and please send us feedback!