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Arrivals: Lincolnton Co Rgnl Airport (Lincolnton, NC) [KIPJ]
N678BPC206R NBC 180 10mar. 01h10 UTClun. 22h33 EDT
N327SRSR22Richmond Executive-Chesterfield County ()lun. 16h09 EDTlun. 17h30 EDT
N42WDC182Near North Myrtle Beach, SClun. 14h15 EDTlun. 15h32 EDT
N327SRSR22Wilmington Intl ()dim. 20h29 EDTdim. 21h44 EDT
N5644UP28AGwinnett County ()dim. 19h49 EDTdim. 21h27 EDT
N75255PA28Grand Strand ()dim. 17h40 EDTdim. 19h09 EDT
N2343RP28ALincolnton Co Rgnl ()dim. 11h49 EDTdim. 12h41 EDT
N37315C340Wayne Executive Jetport ()sam. 21h51 EDTsam. 22h43 EDT
N40ASC182Cape Fear Rgnl Jetport/Howie Franklin Fld ()sam. 15h15 EDTsam. 16h35 EDT
N15XBE58Fernandina Beach Muni ()sam. 10h43 EDTsam. 12h19 EDT
N961SCAC50Jim Hamilton L B Owens ()ven. 15h32 EDTven. 16h06 EDT
N7MWBE58Int'l de Raleigh-Durham ()ven. 13h46 EDTven. 14h28 EDT
N161PLE50PSavannah/Hilton Head Intl ()ven. 12h55 EDTven. 13h51 EDT
N82131PA32Grand Strand ()ven. 10h58 EDTven. 12h11 EDT
N99DABE58New Kent County ()jeu. 14h08 EDTjeu. 15h30 EDT
N99DABE58Charlotte-Monroe Executive ()jeu. 06h38 EDTjeu. 06h56 EDT
N2157NP32RCoastal Carolina Regional ()mer. 13h46 EDTmer. 15h12 EDT
N678BPC206Coastal Carolina Regional ()mar. 18h08 EDTmar. 19h37 EDT
N75255PA28Grand Strand ()mar. 11h24 EDTmar. 13h22 EDT
N327SRSR22Int'l de Raleigh-Durham ()lun. 14h14 EDTlun. 14h57 EDT
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