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FAA will investigate Santa Monica's 'starvation strategy' to shut down its municipal airport
The Federal Aviation Administration announced Tuesday that it would investigate Santa Monica’s so-called starvation strategy that could close the city’s embattled airport withi (more)
26-year-old airline captain and her 19-year-old co-pilot
Their combined ages are just 45. But that didn't stop 26-year-old captain Kate McWilliams and her 19-year-old co-pilot Luke Elsworth from flying hundreds of passengers to their (more)
Lufthansa plans Brussels, Air Berlin deals in Eurowings drive
Airberlin to wet-lease aircraft to Lufthansa as part of restructuring (more)
LAX Unveils $148 Million Connector To Link International, Domestic Terminals
LOS ANGELES (AP) — Passengers moving from some domestic terminals to the international terminal at Los Angeles International Airport can now avoid a long walk and security re-s (more)
Air Canada adds six new destinations to its international network
Air Canada announced the addition of six new destinations to its international network Wednesday, including year-round Boeing 787-9 service between Toronto and Mumbai and betwe (more)
The Virgin Atlantic Fleet
A comp featuring photos and take off/ landing videos of the aircraft in the Virgin Atlantic fleet (more)


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