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Boeing Ponders Restart of 767-300ER Passenger Line
Boeing is nearing a decision whether to restart the 767-300ER passenger line, LNC has learned. (Plus d'info)
OPINION: Is Airbus The Winner in Bombardier CSeries Trade Dispute?
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Airbus CEO expects to sell 'thousands' of C Series aircraft
The head of Airbus told a Montreal business audience on Friday that he believes the company will sell thousands of Bombardier's C Series aircraft. "I think we will sell many (Plus d'info)
Complex Three-Engine Ferry For A380
Air France plans to ferry a damaged A380 back to France from Goose Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador on three engines but before it can do that it has to install a new engine that (Plus d'info)
Winners And Losers As Airbus Bails Out Bombardier's C-Series
Richard Aboulafia: Let’s keep this simple: the winners and the losers in the new Airbus C Series Aircraft Limited Partnership deal. (Plus d'info)
Incident: Virgin Australia B737 at Melbourne on Oct 20th 2017, bird and rabbit strike at once
The crew advised an eagle carrying a rabbit had just impacted their #1 engine, positioned the aircraft for an approach to runway 16. (Plus d'info)